Thursday, February 9, 2017

Maydale Ginger Ale in history

Maynard's soda business originated with Waino Keto owning and operating Maynard Bottling Works. The business started in 1899 located at Florida Road and Euclid Avenue. Returnable glass bottles were washed, rinsed, filled, capped and labeled by hand. Production was a few dozen cases per week.

Karl Paul Hilander, a young Maynard man of Finnish origin, formed a partnership with Abraham Pirnes and purchased the Maynard Bottling Works from Waino Keto on April 24, 1914.

In 1916, Hilander decided on the name Maydale, from combining Myanard with Glendale. Within a year after he bought the company he relocated to Glendale Street, at a site that had access to spring water.

Hilander soon bought out Pirnes’s interest and continued the business as sole owner and manager. His business provided spring water as the Maydale Spring Company and bottled soda as the Maydale Beverage Co., Inc. In addition to ginger ale, flavors include root beer, birch beer, sarsaparilla and orange.

At its peak Maydale was the bottled beverage of choice in Maynard and surrounding towns as far away as Fitchburg. Production topped thousands of cases per week. A nickel would buy an eight ounce bottle. Maydale Ginger Ale, ceased operations circa mid-1950s.
Maydale Ginger Ale in history
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