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Friday, November 28, 2014

Jacobs Coffee

In Germany, Johann Jacobs began a coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate and biscuit business and he opened a small coffee shop in 1895. Later he began roasting his own coffee and the name Jacobs soon became synonymous with coffee throughout most of Europe.

In 1930 his nephew, Walther Jacobs, joined the firm, fresh from the United States, where he had learned the value of advertising.
Jacobs Coffee

With the aggressive salesmanship, slick packaging and slogan such as ‘Jacobs Coffee – Satisfaction Down to the Last Bean’ the company expanded during Hitler’s Third Reich.

Klaus Johann Jacobs took over his family coffee trading business after establishing a holding company in Zurich in 1974. He then moved the Zurich and subsequently merged (1982) it with Suchard-Tobler to create the international coffee and confectionary giant Jacobs Suchard AG.

Kraft Jacobs Suchard was created in 1993 by the combination of Kraft General Foods Europe and Jacobs Suchard and is part of Kraft Foods.
Jacobs Coffee

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