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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tea Boh Plantations

John Archibald Russell is the founder of Boh Plantations, which is the oldest and largest tea producer in South-East Asia. Russel arrived in Kuala Lumpur with his father and four brothers at the age of six.

In 1929 Stock Market Crash or also known as Great Crash happened and the world spun into a recession. J.A. Russel at that time had invested in rubber, coal, construction, plywood, and brick and tiles in Malaya. He noticed that the demand for tea never waned and he saw the potential for tea a s a crop in Malaya so he decided to go into tea planting.

He received a grant for 4,000 acres (1,600ha) of land in Cameron Highlands in 1929 for tea cultivation. His partner was A.B. Milne, veteran tea planter from Ceylon and their enterprise that has not only survived but has continued to grow and prosper.

Boh Plantations Ltd was set up and incorporated with a nominal capital of $500,000 to manage the enterprise.

Originally, the plantation was established to export tea in London market, but after WWII, they started packaging for domestic market. There were two brands: Tiger Tea and Boh Tea. Tiger tea is a cheaper version tea. Boh Tea Plantations covers an area of 8000 acres and solely planted with tea and has been recognized as the biggest tea plantation in Southeast Asia.
Tea Boh Plantations

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