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Energy drinks: Lipovitan-D

After World War II, Japanese drug maker Taisho Pharmaceuticals began selling taurine extract, which according to an advertisement is “a formula that is so effective in treating unexplained fevers, neuralgia, fatigue, whooping cough, and other conditions.

Taisho was founded in 1912 as Taisho Seiyakusho. Taisho Pharmaceutical was founded with the goal of creating nourishing tonics to prevent these ailments without relying on imports. In 1928 the company changed its name to Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The history of the drug company reckons that a special ingredient was used by the Japanese Imperial Navy during the wartime to reduce fatigue among sailors and sharpen their vision at night.

In 1955 eagle trademark was adapted by the company. Taisho began to formulate a bigger and better “ampoule” tonic drink with a variety of ingredients necessary for nutritional support in easier-to-take formula. That concept gave birth to Lipovitan-D. The word “Lipo” derives from Lipoclasis and Lipolysis, which means the breakup of fat.

A drink called Lipovitan-D in 1962 was launched by Taisho Pharmaceuticals. In 1963, Lipovitan D was launched overseas.

Lipovitan-D had extra caffeine and vitamins and was marketed as medicinal tonics. The addition of taurine and niacin in the drink was to enhance and improvement of energy and concentration.
Energy drinks: Lipovitan-D

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