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History of Nesquik

Nesquik was first developed in the US in 1948 as Nestle Quik. Its original name of Quik was a direct allusion to the speed and simplicity of its preparation. Nestle Quik was first introduced as a chocolate powder mix with the ready-to-drink formula following in 1983. Its famous bunny brand mascot, Quiky, made his television debut in 1973, and has had a big hand in helping to make chocolate milk synonymous with Nestlé.

In the mid-fifties it soon became a family favorite and the product was introduced to the European market under the name Nesquik. Nesquik was launched in the UK in 1957 and quickly rose in popularity, helping to pave the way for the brand eventually being sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Banana Quik was introduced in 1954, while Strawberry Quik was introduced was launched in 1960.

The name was changed to the worldwide brand Nesquik in 1999. NestlĂ© in 2015 announced that it had reduced added sugar in Nesquik’s powder formulas by 15% for the original chocolate flavor and 27% for strawberry. It also launched Nesquik products that were free of artificial colors and flavors for those two products.
History of Nesquik

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