Saturday, October 29, 2011

The cigar bar

Specialty bars which concentrate on one type of libation, from wine to martinis or theme, like cigar bars are gaining popularity.

The cigar bar is trendy addition to the beverage scene and a profitable one. The cigar and the cigarette were first introduced among the upper classes of society and their use has spread downward.

Customers who enjoy high-priced also have opportunity to order premium spirits, wines, beers and after dinner drinks to accompany them.

In cigar bars customer obtain all the news, all the scandal, all the politics and all the fun.

Sometimes, in states or cities where smoking is illegal in foodservice establishments or public building, these businesses must be operated as private clubs that charge membership fees and restrict access to minors.

Many cities offer some form of exemption for cigars bars and there’s certain level of alleged non-compliance in the higher end bars and clubs.

During 1840s, the cigar bar of an American hotel is generally large room in the basement. A long counter runs across it, behind which stand two or three bar keepers waiting upon the customers and distribute the various drinks, compounded from the contents of several rows of bottle behind them.
The cigar bar

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