Friday, December 23, 2011

History of Coca-Cola C2

Coke C2 is a reduced sugar cola launched by Coke in 2004. The product made its official debut in May with an ad featuring the Rolling Stones’ tune – You Can’t Always Get What you Want’ which was first aired during the American Idol finals.

The purpose to market this product was to capitalize on the low carb craze where Coca-Cola C2 is a soda with half the carbohydrates, sugar and calories of the regular drink.

In C2 Coke it uses a blend of aspartame and HFCS to produce a drink that tastes as much like the original beverage as possible, but which has half the calories.

Coke introduce this new cola C2 in Japan before it took the product to America.

However, the product did not live it up to the expectations, and the product disappeared from the store shelves with the introduction of Coca-Cola Cherry Zero.
History of Coca-Cola C2

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