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The invention of Barq’s soft drink

The Barq’s bottling company was established in 1890 in New Orleans, Louisiana by Edward Charles Edmond Barq and his younger brother, Gaston. By 1902 the name of the company had been changed to Barq’s Bottling Works.

It was first distributed along Mississippi’s Golden Gulf Coast. Often referred to as Barq’s Root Beer, its unique flavor makes it stand apart from any other root beer.

The inventor of Barq’s, Edward Barq, was listed on his birth certificate as Edward Charles Edmond Barq. 

It was Edwards’s invention of a root beer at his home near Biloxi with its own distinct flavor that brought him success.

This carbonated New Orleans institution goes well with the hot weather and full-flavored food.

Sometime between 1898 and 1900, his new drink, simply known as “Barq’s” was bottled and became a local favorite.

Sassafras roots and bark, dandelion, wild cherry, burdock, spruce, winter green, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and anise are flavorings found in root beers. Barq’s also contained caffeine.

The drinks popularity was unstoppable. By 1937, 62 bottling plants had been established in 22 states. The numbers peaked in 1950 at about 200, but by that time the "root beer" had been forced to undergo changes.
The invention of Barq’s soft drink

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