Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bognanco water

Its historic mineral water springs, active since 1863, were the first in Italy to be authorized to market water nationally. It flows in from three different springs: San Lorenzo, Ausonia and Gaudenziana.

The story of the Bognanco waters is intriguing: it was a little shepherd girl discovered their distinctive taste when she drank from the spring in one hot summer’s day and actually thought the liquid was a sort of grappa.

In 1863, the parish priest, Fedele Tichelli, an expert naturalist, realized that the water had therapeutic properties. It was made known six years late by Dr. Albasini.

Bognanco water has been bottled since 1906, and carried down the valley on foot in funnel shape basket. It became well-known to a wide public in the twenties.

In 1893, building began on hotels and resorts to cater for foreigners, who wished to make use of the therapeutic waters.
Bognanco water

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