Monday, October 10, 2016

Hardys wine of Australia

Stamp of Australia is a brand owned by Hardy’s, a fifth-generation firm, now making part of Accolade Wines Company. Hardys is an Australian brand that has been exporting wine since 1857.

Founder Thomas Hardy was just 20 when he sailed from Devon, England to the new colony of South Australia in 1850. He established a winery on the banks of Adelaide’s Rover Torrens in 1853.

Hardy’s energy and business acumen caused his output to soar and by 1865 he was buying grapes from up to forty other growers to keep up with demand.

Within a few decades he brought his sons into the business creating Thomas Hardy & Sons, exported South Australians first wine to the UK, and stimulated the McLaren Vale region’s development.

As early 1970, Hardys acquired Stanley-Leasingham and bought Chateau Reynella from Rothmans the Quelltaler winery in Watervale in the Clare Valley from Remy.

Then, in March 1976, Hardys bought the Emu wine business from the English-based Chaplin family.

Hardys launched a huge marketing campaign named ‘Five Generations of Devotion’ for the 160th anniversary of the firm. The company invested US2.6 billion for five ads that have been seen in the 200 largest cities around the world.

When Thomas Hardy died in 1912, he was regarded as one of the fathers of the Australian wine industry and Hardy’s was cemented in wine industry.
Hardys wine of Australia

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