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Tuborg Brewery

The Tuborg Brewery was established in 1973 by Philip Heyman, C. F. Tietgen, Gustav Brock and Rudolph Puggaard. Tuborg opened its brewery on a harbour in Hellerup, an area north of Copenhagen.

The company was established as an impressive “vertically integrated” production conglomerate, including a coal-fired power plant, a malting plant, a glass works (for the bottles used for export), a soft drink factory, the brewery itself, and a complete harbor installation, providing easy access to the export markets. However, Heyman spun off all but the brewery in 1880.

Tuborg Brewery brewed Denmark’s first pilsner-type beer in 1880 and packaged it in bottles with a distinctive green label. Tuborg was founded specifically as an export brewery. It wasn't until the 1880s that exporting began in earnest when Tuborg's director, Phillip W. Heyman, started to use the many overseas contacts cultivated through his butter export company.

The company has been part of Carlsberg in 1970. Carlsberg and Tuborg combined under one name becoming United Breweries Ltd. Under the terms of the charter, the Carlsberg Foundation was awarded a mandatory ownership of at least 51 percent of the shares of the new company.

Production at the original location in Hellerup continued until it was closed in the 1990s.
Tuborg Brewery

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