Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fanta in United States

Fanta is a flavored sparkling beverage brand. The Coca-Cola Company was perhaps the original pioneer of such application. Fanta is available in 188 countries with 70 flavors.

Fanta products which come in a variety of fruit flavors such as orange and grape had been sold by Coke bottles in other countries for many years.

Fanta line was added in United States in1960. At that time many Coca-Cola bottlers requested Coke to provide a trademark line of flavors in its own specially designed bottles.

Although grown over a longer period of time. Fanta is also a billion dollar brand of The Coca-Cola Company’s global beverage portfolio.

Whereas Sprite was an American campaign exported around the world, Fanta has its strength in overseas market.

Fanta was introduced first time in Germany in 1940. It was the idea of Max Keith during World War II, where the German bottling plant could no longer received Coca-Cola syrup due to war.

Fanta later was created using apple fiber from cider process, Fanta made debuted in Europe continent in 1955.

It didn’t available in United States because the top management feared that Fanta would undermine the strong position of their flagship cola.
Fanta in United States

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